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Writing things down sounds so simple, boring and last century. But it is a powerful instrument that will help you manage your hobbies better and maybe even improve your life altogether.

In our busy lives there are so many things we have to keep in our heads! Chores to do, groceries to buy, reports to write, people to call… It can be very stressful! And if you forget something – very frustrating if not damaging.

Even with one hobby, let alone a few, you add up to that list. Lessons to attend, projects to complete, equimpent to buy or try out… Wait, isn’t a hobby supposed to be fun? Relaxing? Writing things down will help you keep it that way.

What should I do?

The idea is as simple as it sounds: write things down. There is no special magic to it. You can just write down daily to-do lists. Separate by activities, like separate lists for work and home. Have daily versus monthly lists. The main idea is writing things down.

Why does writing things down work?

Our memories are not perfect. We can only keep so many things in our short-term memory. And even if we don’t end up forgetting anything, we often worry about the possibility of forgetting stuff, which only adds up to stress.

When you write things down, you don’t have to keep them in your head (duh!)). And you don’t have to worry so much. If it seems that you have forgotten something you just take out your notebook and check. The only thing you need to rememer is looking into your notebook! : )

Analog or digital?

Whatever suits you the most. Digital tools have a few advantages, like setting reminders and various tracking and categorization tools. They usually don’t take up any extra space as you already have your phone with you at all times.

But analog tools have their advantages, too. They sometimes seem more “real” and are more tactile. They are also more customizable – and you can decorate a notebook in many fun ways.

I tend to alternate between the two because, well, that’s me. My next series of posts is actually about journaling, so stay tuned if you want to learn more!


Here are two very cool systems that you can use for writing things down:

Getting Things Done

Bullet Journal

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