Lifehack – Compartmentalize Your Hobbies

Lifehacks are shorter posts with practical pieces of advice on organizing your hobbies in general as well as improving particular hobbies.

Do you have several hobbies that are getting hard to keep track of? Do you want to separate your hobby stuff from work or family stuff? Even if you don’t, your hobbies can benefit from being compartmentalized.
What does this mean? It means creating a dedicated space for each hobby, storing all the supplies and equipment in one area and not mixing different hobbies together. Depending on what your oportunities, it may be hard to separate them fully, but even partial separation can do you good.

How to compartmentalize

Depending on what is available for you and the hobbies you have, there may be different variants. However, the main idea is the same: create a separate space for each hobby. It can be:
  • a separate room
  • a corner or a desk
  • a shelf
  • a box
  • a folder
  • a notebook
  • a computer file
For example, I keep all my postcrossing stuff on one shelf above my desk. All my painting stuff is (mostly) in a desk in another room. Although I try to minimize the number of notebooks I keep and try to put everithing into one omni-journal, I still keep a separate notebook for my ESL YouTube channel.

Why compartmentalize

It saves a lot of time, and sometimes also space. It helps you practice your hobbies more efficiently.
Imagine that next time you sit down to do, say, some scrapbooking, you just open one drawer – and everything you need is there. You don’t have to look for paper in one place, stickers in another, and scissors somewhere else.
Even if you are already a well-organized person (congrats on that!) you should still consider separating the supplies.
Having all the materials and supplies for your hobby in a separate room (if you can afford that) has an additional benefit of creating the necessary atmosphere, which won’t be ruined by work or chores.


Tell me, how do you store all your hobby-related things? Do you compartmentalize? Do you have some other system? Share in the comments, I’ll be glad to hear your stories and suggestions.

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